How The Christian Mind Can Think Like God

I'm going to take you on a journey that took me 30 years of prophetic ministry to accomplish. You're about to unlock a spiritual mindset that produces revelation. I qualify because I thought carnally for years but God taught me to see through His eyes. I'm here to shift you from beliefs that bring you pain to understanding that infuses you with peace.

Together we’ll unlock your life's purpose, reveal your destiny, and teach you to know God in a deeper way.

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Meet Your  Teacher

Prophet/Evangelist Rich Vera is an internationally recognized leader in the prophetic who counsels presidents, governments, and church leaders. He is the founder of Voice of Healing Outreach which ministers to millions of Christians worldwide. Like his spiritual father, Benny Hinn, he has led healing crusades and revivals for over 30 years

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What People Are Saying



"This course filled in some missing pieces that I had. I had a relationship with Jesus, I could hear His voice, and He gave me direction, but I was missing the power that He offered. Prophet Rich Vera taught me how to have faith to access what's mine as prophet and a blood bought child of God."

- Deborah-Anne Velthuysen | Director of Tribe Prophetic School 

"Prophet Rich taught me how to access the thoughts of God. As christians it's assumed that we know to do that, but nobody teaches it. If you really want to grow and change how you think, this is the course that will empower you to do that!"

- John Potter




This isn't taught anywhere... I mean anywhere! Anyone with a call needs to take this course because it will transform your life forever. It's not another cute prophetic teaching. It's doctrine that frees you from a boring, powerless christian life. Thank you Prophet Rich! 

- Jessica Garza 


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